Application software for the optimal design of shielding against direct lightning. Sparkta makes it possible to reduce the final cost of the lightning protection system compared to the designs made by using the rolling sphere method. It uses a statistical based simulation model to assess vulnerability of an installation and performance of the shielding system.

  • 3D modeling
  • Optimal design
  • You can choose either: simulate for a single current or simulate for currents according to a probabilistic distribution
  • Simulates different types of strike termination devices:  air terminals, metal roofs and metal parts of structure having a thickness greater than 3/16”
  • Simulates complex installations with multiple buildings
  • Simulates the protection given by neighbor buildings
  • Simulation of the entire installation instead of individual buildings
  • Calculate the effectiveness of the lightning protection system
  • NFPA 780 Risk Assessment
User interface
3D View
Graphic Results
Simplified Risk Assessment
Detailed Risk Assessment
60 days free license


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